Often the greatest concern of our customers is how to clean their cashmere. I know for a fact it puts off a lot of people as they worry that they are going to shrink or somehow destroy their sweaters. 

We're here to put you at ease. Firstly I need to make this clear. Today in our society we over wash our clothes. Perhaps its derived from the need for continual newness or the avoidance of taking real care of our clothes. 

Cashmere is a pure natural fibre which unlike its artificial friends does not cling to odours and dirt. In general I wash my sweaters perhaps once a year, unless if they get stained or begin to smell. Its important that you keep you sweaters hanging up to air out and when not in use folded up in acid free tissue paper. 

There are two methods we use for our sweaters. As our sweaters are made from organic cashmere we like to use all natural washing products from Bondi Wash.

We then use their delicate wash range with cold water to prevent shrinking. Soaking the sweater for 30 minutes before washing it out. We then dry the sweater by patting dry between thick towels. Then laying flat on a towel, either on a rack or a table.

The second method is we use both on hand washed sweaters. If your sweater does not have a stain then you can go directly to the second method. Please note you can also use this method on your coats and scarves. It keeps them smelling amazing from Bondi Wash's mist spray but also wrinkle free and fresh. 

*Can also use a steamer instead of an iron

Voila! Its very simple and also rewarding to take care of your garments. If you have any more questions about product care don't hesitate to email me personally at 



October 09, 2018 — THE CURATED