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"I bought the tailored coat in XXS which I'm glad I did because there is definitely more room for another sweater if need be. I like that it's almost ankle length so I am covered top to bottom! I like that it's really soft and light weight but still protects me from the wind. I bought 3 other camel coloured coats from other retailers but returned them all because it just didn't feel right. I love how versatile it feels and I have dressed it up with Stu's or down with Stans. Great investment!"
Kim Nguyen is wearing our
in a size XXS
Size: US 4 Height: 150cm
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Kim Nguyen


"I love my camel wrap coat! It can be dressed up and down, so it's super versatile. It's also super soft and cozy. Can't wait to pick up my next coat!"
Nancy Jiang is wearing our
in a size Small
Size: US 6 Height: 172cm
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Nancy Jiang

"I bought a camel (M) first, then the bone in (L) and am about to get a black classic coat. I guess you can gather how much I love this coat. So simple, elegant and luxurious. The L will allow me to wear chunky sweaters under it next winter."
Irene Filacchione is wearing our
in a size Large
Size: US 10 Height: 160cm
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Irene Filacchione

"I'm in love with this handbag. This is the chocolate brown croc. It's a great size--not too small, not too big. There's enough room inside to fit my cosmetics/toiletries pouch, a small wallet/coin pouch, a cardholder, my keys, and my iPhone. The flat zippered pocket and flat pouches are great for loose bills or papers, a random card, a pen, etc... The 18kt gold plating on the hardware has a "brushed" look that makes it look more expensive (a bit like my Seau Sangle). I love that there are two straps for extra versatility. Strap length really changes up your look. What I really love about the short strap: at its shortest length you get a handbag, at its middle or longest length you get the perfect shoulder bag. No bags wedged under armpits here! Such a classic, timeless style. I can wear this in so many ways with so many outfits--from casual to dressy."
Chidimma is wearing our
Size: US 4 Height: 167cm
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"I was juggling between getting the London coat in small or medium and ended up getting the small size due to my height. Medium would have been fine too and the sleeve length would actually be better but I preferred the length of the small. The fabric is soft and warm and the drape is beautiful. For reference my bra size is 34DD and I wear size 29 denim. I'm wearing a medium weight sweater in this photo and am able to button up the coat with room to spare. I also have the classic camel coat in large which has an equally beautiful drape."
Elizabeth is wearing our
in a size Small
Size: US 10 Height: 160cm
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"I love the understated luxury and elegance of this coat. I've worn it dressed up and down and receive so many compliments each wear. I plan on purchasing in another color!"
Kim Brown is wearing our
in a size Large
Size: US 10 Height: 179cm
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Kim Brown


"Definitely the most beautiful and softest coat I've ever owned in my life--elevates any outfit. Unlike most wool coats I've tried, this one doesn't irritate my skin at all, I'm obsessed! I usually wear size S or M for outerwear, but for the Classic Coat, I liked the fitted look of the S more. It's a snug fit when worn on top of thicker sweaters, but the coat is warm enough that I probably wouldn't need to wear such a thick sweater under. I was debating between the Camel and the Bone, but the Bone definitely works better with my skin tone. Everyone needs a Classic Coat in their wardrobe, it's life changing and timeless. "
Elaina Wong is wearing our
in a size Small
Size: US 4 Height: 167cm
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Elaina Wong

"In love with this purse! I'm a mom of two and as much as I love a smooth purse, this pebble purse is perfect. No need to worry about scratches. I love the quality and how it can be dressed up and dressed down. Perfect size purse, now The Curated needs to make a wallet to fit in the purse perfectly because my wallets make the purse too bulky."
Ankie Wong is wearing our
Size: US 4 Height: 168cm
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Ankie Wong


"I had a difficult time deciding between the classic and the boyfriend coats. In the end I decided to go for the boyfriend (in charcoal grey) for the more relaxed fit. I absolutely love the coat. My size has been fluctuating between a 4 and a 6 (closer to a 4 in this picture) over the past year and the small has felt like the right size across the fluctuations since the boyfriend cut is slightly oversized. I can't wait to invest in more curated pieces down the line, they're genuinely worth it. "
Rand is wearing our
in a size Small
Size: US 4 Height: 172cm
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