Our cashmere scarf is the perfect accessory this fall and winter. We've selected our favourite colours to go with any of our staples. Pure organic cashmere priced honestly. 

- Dyed black
- Long woven scarf with rippled fringe
- Sized 200 x 70cm 
- 100% pure organic cashmere yarn

It is very common that our best selling products sell out quite fast. We prefer that this happens so that there is no wastage when it comes to the production side. However we also want you to secure the coat that you desire! 

You can preorder to secure your coat at any time. We continually update that product page, our preordering page here and on instagram the delivery times and drops in stock styles.

When you preorder an item we will add extra time to put conservative delivery times in order to not disappoint customers. All pre orders are charged straight away in advance. However, should you have a change of heart or circumstances you are always welcome to cancel your preorder as long as it is not within 4 days of the delivery time. 



Delivering from the middle of March 2020

Delivering from the middle of March 2020


Should you have any further questions about preordering please email us 



How long will it take my order to reach me?
Please note that all our sweaters are made to order. We use 24-48 hours to make them. Our coats and scarves are double checked quality wise before sending. We ask that you allow 3 working days before orders are dispatched. Quality assurance is paramount to us. If have further queries please contact our Front Row Concierge service at 

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes we ship to most countries. If you are unsure about your location please check with our team via 

What shipping courier do you use?
We use DHL express for all our orders. Sent direct from our Hangzhou office.

How much is shipping?
We have a standard flat fee of $25USD on shipping for all items. We picked DHL due to them having the best prices but also to provide tracking and fast delivery.

How long will it take my order to reach me once dispatched?
DHL in general takes between 5-7 working days to reach most cities. 

My order hasn't arrived and I can't track it
If you have having issues with finding your order please contact us direct via

Do I have to pay tax on my items?
Depending on your countries limits you may be liable to pay for import tax and duties on your purchase. Keep in mind that our items are priced the lowest as possible with only a 30% mark up compared to 300% by standard retail.

The Curated is not responsible for any taxes or fees you may incur. Should you have to pay tax please speak with our team and we will be more than happy to provide a discount code for your next purchase.

What currency is your items in?
Our items are all in United States Dollars. Paypal will normally show you a conversion at the check out to your equivalent local currency.



Do you offer refunds?
We do not accept returns due to change of mind. The Curated promotes careful and considerate consumption. We provide clear measurement charts for sizing however, should you have a query about our products and their fit please email us or chat via our online chat portal. 

If your item is damaged or faulty please contact us directly to organise a full refund or new item. All our items are checked by two different quality control teams before being shipped out to avoid this issue. 

Do you offer exchanges?
Yes we offer exchanges on all unworn items. However the customer is responsible for all shipping costs for the return and new item. 

Should you need further assistance please contact our team and we will do everything we can to help you with your purchase.



You can see our step by step wash and steam guide with a video tutorial here.

What is the best way to take care of my cashmere?
We recommend keeping all sweaters are scarves wrapped in acid free tissue paper, stored in a clean place free of moths. When you are in ‘sweater’ season and using your sweaters we recommend hanging your sweaters up in order to allow them to breathe. 

How often should I wash my sweater? 
Cashmere is a natural fibre and does not hold dirt and odours like other materials. It therefore does not need to be washed often. Washing your sweaters often can cause piling and damage. We recommend to hang up your sweater and let is breathe and only hand wash when there are stains. We hand wash or steam our sweaters once a year.

Can I dry clean my cashmere?
We highly recommend that you do not dry clean your cashmeres sweaters. Dry cleaning can damage the fibres and increase the cause of piling. However, if you do not feel confident to hand wash your sweaters you can try dry cleaning but only with a trusted and professional business. 

How do I clean my coat?
Like cashmere we recommend not washing your coat too often unless you need to spot clean. Our coats are a wool cashmere blend (70/30%) and highly durable. We recommend letting them air outside hanging. You can iron them on steam mode with a white cotton cloth between, steam clean or dry clean if desired.



How are your cashmere products organic?
Organic Cashmere is simple and clean. Pure unbleached, untreated fibers. Sourced in Inner Mongolia, harvested through combing process. Fiber specifications are13-17 microns and 28-38mm long. There are only 3 naturally occurring basic colours: Cream, Beige and Brown. The cream colour fibers are the rarest and softest ones, they will never be dyed. The beige fibers will be naturally dyed to make light colours while brown fibers will be used for dark colours. Our organic cashmere is environmentally friendly and stands for sustainability.

How are you able to maintain such low prices for high quality products?
We are very fortunate to partner with a family owned factory in Inner Mongolia that believes in us. We therefore are only producing from their remaining left over yarn and we ship directly from our packing office in China to the end customer. This cuts many costs, taxes and ultimately means that the customer and factory benefit.

What is your mark up on products?
In general our mark up on products is less than 100%. Most retail stores and brands mark up almost 300% which is unfair. We make sure that the factory never has to lower their product cost for us. We mark up sometimes only 50% on some products.


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