Our products are made with ethically sourced natural fibres, it is important that you take proper care of your beloved Curated products.

We hope you love your pieces as much as we do.

Like cashmere we recommend not washing your coat too often unless you need to spot clean. Our coats are a wool cashmere blend (70% Virgil Wool/30% Cashmere) and highly durable. We recommend hanging them air outside. DO NOT IRON YOUR COAT - this will ruin the fabric. You can either use a steamer, put in the bathroom during and after a hot shower. Alternatively, let it naturally hang and it will become smooth again.

We generally recommend steam cleaning rather than dry cleaning. A machine is used to dry- clean clothes, usually with a chemical called perchloroethylene. In contrast, steam cleaning involves manually holding a steamer near the clothes to remove odors and wrinkles.
As our coats are made with organic fibres that are not treated with chemicals to alter the feel, you may get a smell of cashmere goat. Let your coat hang and air out for several days and this will disappear. As you wear your coat, it will become softer naturally over time. We do not use chemical treatments to alter fabrics and also believe they contribute to huge environmental waste.
Your coat may become wrinkly during delivery but it can be easily steamed out. Do not iron your coat as the heat can damage the fibres. Use the steamer in one direction only – from top to bottom.

It is important to only let the head of the steamer come into contact with the coat if it is plastic - a metal head may damage the fibres.
We recommend keeping all sweaters and scarves wrapped in acid free tissue paper, stored in a clean place free of moths. When you are in 'sweater' season and using your sweaters, we recommend hanging up your sweaters up in order to allow them to breathe.

It is normal for cashmere to pill, especially on the sleeves or where there may be friction. This is a quality of all natural fibres. After the first pill, it should pill less.
Cashmere is a natural fibre and does not hold dirt and odors like other materials. It therefore does not need to be washed often. Washing your sweaters often can cause piling and damage.

We recommend hanging up your sweater and letting it breathe and only hand wash when there are stains. We hand wash or steam our sweaters once a year. You can see our step-by-step wash and steam guide with a video tutorial here.
To keep your leather bags looking pristine, wipe off any marks or spills with a soft cloth. Should you happen to spill anything within the bag, take a damp cloth and tap at the stain to absorb any excess residue.