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Our way of Sustainability

The fast fashion industry offers appealing on-trend designs at low prices, creating a vicious cycle of cheap thrills, over consumption and high waste. We focus on longevity and key investment pieces to elevate your wardrobe. With classic, timeless cuts our products can be worn continuously for years to come and serve as a solid foundation for any capsule wardrobe. 


" Discover the perfect blend of refinement and affordability in every piece "

Sustainable luxury for honest prices

We are committed to creating luxury sustainable by encouraging consider consumption when it comes to investing in your wardrobe. We price our pieces at a third of standard retail so that women can afford luxurious long lasting staples to evelate their every day uniform.

In order to create environmentally sustainable fashion we are committed to predominately working with left over fabrics, small runs to prevent overproduction and staying cruelty and plastic free. All our factories cooperate together with us on creating more transparency for our customers and measures we can take to be as efficient as possible. We also operate with preordering being a big part of our way to sell and balance our production in a more efficient way.

The Curated is a carefully sourced collection of timeless high quality staples that come collectively together under one roof. We work together with vertical mills to create luxury staples that are affordable.


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